How many times has someone said “I got this awesome pen given to me yesterday”?

“I mean not only does it sit comfortably in my hand, but I can write with it, too!”

“… and it’s such a lovely shade of blue.”

We hope you haven’t heard that sort of thing too often. If you have, it might be time to think about getting new friends or workmates!

On the other hand, people are posting photos on social media all the time showing off the great brochures, pens, notepads, keyrings, stress balls and packets of sweets they scored at the seminar, conference or trade show they just attended.

No, that doesn’t really happen either, does it?

Out of the many possible promotional items generally handed out, there are only a handful that have the potential to be used regularly, let alone talked about or shown off.

A t-shirt or cap probably has a fair chance of being worn – or, at least, passed on to a family member or friend who might wear it (when washing the car).

A stress ball or custom-shaped squishy thing might sit on a desk as something to squeeze when you’re on the phone or trying to figure out a problem.

But by far the most valuable, most practical and most likely to be talked about promotional gift is a custom USB drive.

A great starting point is that people perceive value in a USB drive – it’s worth something – which means they’re likely to hold on to it, even if they rarely use it.

The fact that they can use it, though, makes it more than just a novelty. Something that looks good and is practical is a whole lot better than either a thing that’s functional but plain or something pretty but purely decorative.

Then there’s the fact that the promotional USB drive can come preloaded with some unique content. Suddenly it’s even more practical and valuable.

An often-overlooked factor that makes a USB drive an ideal promotional gift is that it’s personal. Everyone who receives one can decide exactly how he or she wants to use it, for business or leisure, at work or home.

Last, but by no means least, each custom promotional USB drive looks different, which means people actually look at it.

If someone comes back from a trade event with a whole bunch of swag, no glossy brochure or flyer stands out, no pen with some words on it invites you to pick it up, and you eat the branded packet of sweets without even looking (in fact, probably while looking at something else).

But a custom USB drive just asks to be picked up, inspected and admired. Even though we’ve seen USB drives before, we’re still drawn to a new one, to swivel it, take the lid off, or pull it apart just to check how to expose the connection.

We shouldn’t forget that the more of our senses we use, the more engaged we are, so holding something in your hand is a strong point of connection.

Admit it. You want to pick up a custom USB drive right now, don’t you?

So get in touch and we’ll send you a free sample of the USB drive of your choice.