As a company that manufactures and markets cutting-edge acoustic and fire rated wall products, Speedpanel felt it appropriate to promote their brand with a unique, high-quality custom USB flash drive. The fact that many of their customers are tactile, hands on personalities such as architects, contractors and builders, means those receiving the drives would appreciate something a little more prestigious and unique than the average corporate promotional gift. In addition, the one of a kind shape of Speedpanel makes it easily identifiable amongst their competitors, so they approached Kiss Promotions asking if we could create a custom-shaped USB that was a more upmarket than the ones they regularly came across.


Concept design, mould, material

78 panel USB profile

Our first step was to come up with a concept that would work well. Speedpanel sent an image of their product, which was a section of their panel, encompassing a lightweight composition while maintaining strength and durability long-term.

The cross section of the panel is very distinct, so once agreed that this profile could be replicated we confirmed the design concept.

We suggested that it be divided in the middle, with the “pointy end” (male-end of the panel) being the cap and the bottom half (female-end of the panel) containing the data storage chip.

We created a custom mould to allow us to produce the drives in that shape and then looked into possible materials.


Instead of the standard (and easier to shape) rubber-like material we often use, we decided to closely replicate the Speedpanel composition using metal. While the outside is a classy, glossy finish representing the steel outer shell, the middle is rough to replicate the aerated concrete centre.

Finally, we also attached a keyring at the back so that it has that dual function – data storage and key “storage”!


A great way to present the brand


It’s purely a branding exercise for Speedpanel, which is why they chose the metal finish. Now the brand is accurately represented as a prestige, high-quality and reliable product and Speedpanel is incredibly happy with the result.

The drives are mainly used for storing digital drawings, product certification and brochures for architects and builders, as well as submitting proposals.

There’s even a bowl of USB flash drives on the reception desk at their office for people who walk in to grab one as if it were a lolly!


We love a challenge


It’s much more challenging for us to do a custom USB in metal, but we get a great deal of satisfaction from meeting a challenge.

Plus we mimicked the shape of the product perfectly, which is extremely satisfying, too.

The price per unit is very competitive; Speedpanel were pleasantly surprised how cost effective it is to represent their brand in a prestige way.

From our perspective we can be proud of doing quality work for such a quality company.

Most clients don’t have creative resources but that’s no problem for us as we have the capability to create a custom model from just a photograph.

As long as we get enough of a brief, we can come up with a solution.

For more information on Speedpanel visit their website: Or, come in to visit at 421 Dorset Road, Bayswater 3153 and get your own one of a kind Speedpanel USB!

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