If you’ve been in business for a while, no doubt you’ve received a range of promotional items over the years. If you attend conferences and trade shows, even more so.

There are dozens of products that can be branded with a business name, logo, slogan and contact details, from t-shirts and caps to pens and card holders to notepads and mousepads, each available in a range of colours.

Unfortunately, when it comes to deciding what custom promotional product is best for your business, that can make things a lot more confusing – especially if you haven’t ever been given something you absolutely loved.

So, as a guide to help in that decision-making process, we’ve thoughtfully compared a few of the most popular items.


Stress balls v USB flash drives

Stress balls are a novelty item, so not ideal if you’re serious about business. They have a limited audience – not everyone sits at a desk getting stressed – and are not particularly durable.

USB flash drives are practical, convey the underlying message that you’re always available to help the recipient get his or her job done, and outlast practically everything else in an office (even the furniture).

Caps v USB flash drives

A cap is useful … outside on a sunny day. However, someone who has their own business is more likely to wear a cap bearing the branding of their own business than one promoting a supplier, contractor or company they have yet to even do business with. As a result caps are passed on to relatives, who put them in cupboards.

A USB flash drive is useful every day, year round, at home as well as in the office. People look at flash drives as they use them, being constantly reminded of the thoughtful company that gave them such a useful gift.

Pens v USB flash drives

Most people have more pens than they need, and out of all those one is their favourite. But go ahead, give them another one … in a style that might not even feel comfortable in their hand. Your pen is going in a drawer, never to be seen again.

Most people don’t have enough USB flash drives and feel even more prepared for any eventuality if they have another one, particularly one that looks amazing. It will go everywhere with them … because it can.

Stubby holders v USB flash drives

“I encourage you to drink more alcohol,” says the stubby holder (and the company that gifted it).

“I would like to help you do your work more efficiently,” says the USB flash drive “and the business whose brand is on me thinks the same way. Give them a call.”

Mouse pads v USB flash drives

A mouse pad says your business is still living in the 90s.

A flash drive says your business is adaptable and compatible.

USB flash drives v Custom USB flash drives

A USB flash drive is practical, easy to use, small enough to go anywhere, and is handy for both personal and professional purposes, even crossing over seamlessly between the two, when required.

A custom USB flash drive is all that, as well as being an impressive talking point and a constant reminder of what your business does and how original, sensible and effective you are.

If you have any doubt about how superbly a custom USB will represent your brand, talk to us today. You’ll never settle for a t-shirt or mug again.

Find out how custom USB drives would work for you by getting in touch today for a free sample.