With so many cloud storage systems available, why would anyone use a USB flash drive in 2017?

We think a better question is: “why would anyone NOT keep a USB flash drive handy?”!

So here are our top five reasons for being a USB user.


There’s no denying that being constantly connected to the world via the internet is a wonderful thing, but when your work means having access to a few digital files, it’s not always a convenient thing.

If you keep what you need in your pocket or the bag you always carry, that’s the definition of convenient.

If you want to access your files whenever you want, without having to find a hotspot, tether to your phone, or ask someone for the wi-fi password, a flash drive is the easy and convenient answer.


It’s very much a case of whatever works best for the individual, because not everyone has the same needs, processes, equipment, lifestyle, work habits, or even wants to get online just to view or update what they’re working on.

Not to mention that for many of us every day in this fast-paced and ever-changing modern business world is a bit different.

Some people know they can’t be online all the time but are likely to have opportunities to access and/or work on their files.

Others might simply be uncertain. They move around, go to places they’re unfamiliar with, and can’t be sure that getting online and accessing the cloud will be easy or even possible.


You generally know how your own workplace is set up. You have confidence in the systems, that everything will work reliably, day after day, and that your data is secure.

But what about when you have to go out and about, whether to a client’s less-IT-savvy workplace, a remote hub, a shared space, or even a site that has limited or no connectivity.

Or when you’re travelling through foreign airports with free wi-fi that no-one is really responsible for.

If you’re going somewhere you don’t feel as confident being online, carry your files on a flash drive and you can be pretty sure they’re safe and easy to access.

Not to mention you can protect your drive with a password.


Some of us do work for a number of different clients in different places: in our own workplace, at the clients’ offices, or even at a neutral venue.

Then, in between, we have our own stuff to work on, some of it related to our own business, some of it personal.

You can have a lot of folders up in the cloud, but sometimes it makes sense to keep a few files that belong together that you want to be able to physically share with someone else on a USB flash drive.

That way you walk into a meeting, plug in the drive (or hand it over to them to plug in to their equipment) and all that’s there are the files you need.

Every client doesn’t need to know the rest of your business.


If you have a large file or two, or a large number of files (like music or videos) that you like to have ready access to, it can take a bit of time to upload them to the cloud whenever you have an update.

That’s no reason not to upload them to the cloud, but there’s also no good reason not to carry them around with you on a USB flash drive.

You can grab it, plug it in and bring up your files in seconds, wherever you are.

Fast, simple, convenient, reliable, secure, portable, shareable and ready when you are.

Why would you NOT have a USB flash drive?

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