Most businesses recognise the importance of branding in their quest for success.

It’s a fast-paced, competitive world, and whoever connects most effectively, wins.

Sometimes connecting is quick and easy, but often it takes time and persistence. People want to know you before they decide whether they like you, and even once they like you they might not immediately trust you in what you do.

While branding is about creating the perception that your business offers something of value and is therefore worth engaging with, brand value grows over time as people see how consistently you deliver.

Consistency means walking the walk all the time.

You can’t try to tell people you’re an industry leader when other companies are doing things exactly the same as you, or better. Well, you can try to tell them, but most of them will see through that.

If your business supplies any information or collateral in digital format, you could just email links or attachments. That’s what everyone does and no-one gives it a second thought.

Or …

You could present your digital material in a way that’s far more impactful and impressive.

A form of delivery that reinforces the fact that you’re an industry leader.

A package that illustrates your absolute professionalism.

There’s simply no comparison between a common email and a unique custom USB drive.

Even if you use them all the time, the person getting it doesn’t get very many – and it’s all about making a good impression and a meaningful connection.

The perception of your business and how well it does things will change instantly and significantly, and remember that’s the essence of branding.

Depending on what your business does, there can be many good reasons to distribute custom USB drives.

The most obvious advantage is that they come in whatever shape and colour suits your brand, product and industry, and carry your name, logo and maybe even tagline.

Anyone who receives a custom USB drive feels as if they’ve been given something of value, even before plugging it in.

If it comes preloaded with appropriate content, whether that’s purely marketing material or something that the recipient will be able to use, such as an e-book outlining the latest industry trends, guides and templates to help them do their job more easily, demonstration videos, or high-res images they can use in creating their own marketing materials, it’s significantly more valuable.

If the recipient needs to carry round copies of their own documents and files, ready to access anywhere, they’ll see your promotional gift as one of the most useful they’ve ever been given.

In general, people will see your business as one that’s prepared to go the extra mile.

We all get more than enough emails, so don’t just be one of the hundreds when you’re trying to make an impression or even seal a deal.

Stand out and show you’re better than the rest with a preloaded custom USB drive.

If you’re picturing how custom USB drives might work for your business, we’ll give you a free 3D design of whatever you’ve got in mind, so get in touch today.