Power Bank

Here at Kiss Custom USB’s, we offer Custom Power banks in a range of metallic colours, with silver and white accents. Our cost-effective yet unique branded custom power banks are excellent marketing promotional products to aid the majority of users. Compact, aesthetic and colourful and built with your businesses branding in mind, users will find value in your custom power banks.


Our standard power banks have a battery capacity of 2200 mAh, which will provide most phones with a full charge in 2-3 hours and can charge up to 300 times. All our power banks come supplied with a selection of three USB connectors that are compatible with most current mobiles devices on the market. Our custom power banks are the ideal device that can recharge and extend mobile phones, cameras, and other compatible smaller gadgets battery life. However, keep in mind that it is not suitable for tablet devices that draw higher current. Together with their functionality and unique custom elements, our custom power banks are a promotional business gift that adds value.

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Product Sample



Free Mockups and Samples

of our Custom USB’s

We’re so confident you’ll love our personalised USB drives that we will design you a custom mockup of your new USB’s before you sign or pay anything. Send us your logo and we will create a digital mockup of the custom USB drives within 24 hours. The mockup is just a preliminary draft and should we work together, there will be ample opportunity to revise the design until it is just as you like it. There are no hard feelings, fees or obligations if you decide to go another direction. And, we will even send you a FREE product sample so you can see, touch and feel before you buy for peace of mind.

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