Classic USB Drives

Here at Kiss Custom USB’s, we offer a variety of classic USB drives to help promote your brand at an affordable price. Our long-lasting high-quality classic USB drives can deliver endless custom branding capabilities across colour, text, engraving, epoxy domes and logos. Together with their functionality and sleek designs, custom USB drives are a unique promotional business gift.

There are endless creative promotional strategies that can be executed with USB Drives. As part of your content promotional strategy, you could include pre-loaded ebooks, video tutorials or images to hand out to prospective clients. If you are presenting at a tradeshow, convention or meeting you could maximise your exposure by recording the presentation or including copies of your slides to send to event attendees afterwards.

Other examples of how to get the most of your Custom USB Drives include: Pre-loading exclusive content for clients or prospective clients, Including copies of your presentation for attendees, Providing digital coupons or free offers, Pre-loading welcoming materials for attendees or new employees, Event recaps. You can take videos, photographs and notes from the event and send to event attendees or Including industry Stats, instruction manuals or product information to prospective clients, event attendees or new employees.

Custom USB drives are an excellent way to build and maximise brand awareness with endless creative promotional strategies able to be implemented.

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Free Mockups and Samples

of our Custom USB’s

We’re so confident you’ll love our personalised USB drives that we will design you a custom mockup of your new USB’s before you sign or pay anything. Send us your logo and we will create a digital mockup of the custom USB drives within 24 hours. The mockup is just a preliminary draft and should we work together, there will be ample opportunity to revise the design until it is just as you like it. There are no hard feelings, fees or obligations if you decide to go another direction. And, we will even send you a FREE product sample so you can see, touch and feel before you buy for peace of mind.

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