The use of promotional products to drive brand awareness for businesses has been a powerful marketing tool for many years, and for a good reason. It goes without saying, people love free stuff but promotional products give consumers a slight nudge to take action. 

Here are 3 reasons why promotional products are important for any business.

1. They Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness implies that customers can identify your business and its products or services by your logo. For example, people immediately recognize McDonald’s due to their iconic yellow arch logo. For most, the promotional item can remain in consumers homes, offices or cars for an extended period of time reinforcing brand exposure.

2. Mass Outreach for a Low Cost

Compared to other forms of marketing, promotional marketing materials are low cost for mass distributions. For most businesses on a marketing budget, utilizing promotional products is a savvy way to save and still reach potential customers on a larger scale.

3. An Alternative to a Business Card

Promotional marketing products function more or less the same as business cards. While business cards can often be forgotten or lost, promotional products are often useful, tangible branded products that work as a business card to consumers daily. By putting your company’s name and logo (and even contact information) on a promotional item, like a custom USB drive, you are reaching out to potential new clients in a unique way.

4. Loyalty and Retention

Promotional products bring personality to your brand and create strong customer loyalty and retention. Continual exposure to your promotional products reinforces the brand associated with it in the consumer’s mind. In return, customers are more likely to do business with you as it builds a sense of trust and the need to give back. This means that by giving an item or gift to an individual promotes a feeling that they should reciprocate your kind gesture.

Promotional product marketing can be a highly effective and beneficial investment. Just ensure that your products are high-quality and provide a useful function to the receiver.