We can make a custom promotional USB drive in almost any shape, in fact we love the challenge!

If you’re an airline, let us make you an aeroplane, if your business is waste management, how about a wheelie bin, and if you sell drinks, we’ll happily churn out the bottles.

Some of the custom designs we’ve delivered have been a house key for a real estate agency, chess, the Australian map, gun, 3D tooth, even the Android logo!

bamboo-usb Eco-Friendly-Wooden-USB-Flash-Drives-Memory-Stick-China-186-675 tooth android chess piece filter

But, much as we love doing something different and novel, we understand that a lot of our clients are focused on the way their name and logo looks, and simply want a drive that will present those well.

Here are the six most popular styles of promotional USB drives:

  1.       Swivel

People love the swivel because it’s so simple and yet so sleek.

Business love the swivel because it comes in lots of colours and is cost-effective.

We love the swivel because we can put your branding and logo on in a few different ways, including engraving and full-colour printing.

  1.       Snap cap

The snap cap isn’t really one style of USB drive, but to the average person pulling the lid off to expose the “workings” gives them a little buzz every time!

Our range includes sleek metal drives, the incredibly thin Constellation, and the ever-popular Pluto model.

The brushed aluminium shell of the Pluto drive can be screen printed or colour engraved on both sides, on the body and the cap.

  1.       Credit card

The slimline credit card style is ideal for businesses that want to present more complex, colourful images as part of their branding.

We think this style suits those who want to preload the drive with some slick marketing collateral, because the external screen or digital printing can be in keeping with the “glossiness” of their digital material.

  1.       Wooden

The Slimline Eco is a very popular style of USB drive, particularly with companies that see added value in the natural feel of the wooden casing.

With so many tech items being made from various sorts of plastic, the novelty of something made of wood interacting with a computer makes your custom promotional USB drive truly stand out.

  1.       Stylus

As if a USB drive wasn’t already useful enough, this style adds a second function: a tool for any tablet owner.

We have several different styles of stylus USB drives, including the OTG ones which also work with mobile phones.

  1.       Smartphone

This style is relatively new but is rapidly gaining popularity. It has the standard connector for slotting into a computer’s USB slot at one end, and a mini-USB connector at the other end, compatible with Android smartphones and tablets.

If you really want to be seen as a leader in your industry, be the first to distribute promotional On-The-Go USB drives.

So there are six of our most popular USB flash drives, all of which can be printed with your company’s name and logo, and most of which can be supplied in a wide range of colours.

We’ve also got lots of other styles, so we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your business … or, of course, let us design a unique shape just for you.

Whichever drive you like, why not get in touch with us for a free sample or a free 3D design?

Find out how custom USB drives would work for you by getting in touch today for a free sample.