Marketing is the battle for hearts and minds. Just getting eyeballs isn’t enough.

Your marketing collateral aims to get the right messages about your business in front of the right people, those who’ll make the decision to form a business relationship with you.

In some way, every marketing tool has its upside. There’s a place for direct mail, letterbox drops work well for local businesses, having a stand at a trade show is almost imperative in some industries, while business cards are as convenient as they are conventional.

The thing is, those are the same marketing materials all of your competitors are using, too.

So allow us to make the case for something not quite so common, custom promotional USB drives.

Here are five reasons custom USB drives are an extremely effective way to spread the word about your business.

  1.       They’re useful

Of course we’re biased, but this is probably our favourite “point of difference” between USB drives and all other promotional items.

A flyer, brochure, business card or email is what it is, but those sorts of things simply deliver some information and that’s it.

A USB drive, on the other hand, is primarily a useful data storage tool.

This gives it some actual, real-world value, which means that whoever receives one as a promotional gift is grateful. You gave them something that they could use, not something that was only useful to you as a means of delivering your branding or marketing message.

That can easily translate into goodwill, as people who are given something of value have an inclination to return the favour.

  1.       They last

There are many reasons that USB drives stick around much longer than bits of paper or electronic mail.

The mere fact that they have a perceived value is a good start, because that means people are far less likely to throw away a drive than a business card or brochure.

Even if the recipient wants to keep a business card or email handy, it’s easier to misplace those things than to keep track of them, particularly when you get a whole lot of new ones every week.

People are not only more likely to keep a custom USB drive somewhere they can grab it at any time, they are far more likely to carry it with them than any other form of marketing material.

Now consider what happens when someone pulls out their drive – the one you gave them with your branding on it – to copy or transfer some files. It’s a constant reminder that your business is in their life … and that you were nice enough to give them something they could use.

USB drives are also extremely durable, being scratch and shock resistant, and solid enough to withstand pretty much anything.

  1.       They deliver

There’s only so much information you can convey with a flier or card and it’s not interactive. That gives custom USB drives another massive advantage over other forms of marketing.

You can preload a USB drive with whatever you want: images, videos, audio files, PDFs, reference links, and anything else that might be useful or relevant.

Then the recipient has control over when they check these things out, which is a much more engaged interaction. It’s also more of a soft sell, because you are putting some faith in both the (potential) customer and the quality of your material.

  1.       The look great

We concede that printed and online materials can look pretty good, too, but they’re all very two dimensional. They don’t really attract people’s curiosity.

A custom promotional USB drive can be a coveted thing. Just put a nice one on your desk and watch as people’s eyes are drawn to it. You’ll keep glancing over at it, too.

Now imagine if you get one in a novel shape, like a house key, bottle or even a yacht, just a few of the designs we’ve created for clients.

Everyone will want to do more than look at it; they’ll want to touch it and play with it, too.

  1.       They are cost effective

It’s a bit of a misconception that getting custom USB drives to hand out as promotional items is expensive.

As with most things your business spends money on at its discretion, you need to make sure the cost-benefit equation makes sense, but if you plan it well and they bring in business, we think you’ll keep coming back for more.

It might not be prudent to hand them out to all and sundry, but if they’re distributed to people who are likely to become new clients it’s money well spent.

Not to mention if you preload them with some quality content that you’d otherwise be printing out for distribution, you’re actually saving a heap in printing costs!

Find out how custom USB drives would work for you by getting in touch today for a free sample.